JoJo’s cafe Staff Recruitment

Type of occupation

  • Hall staff
    Guide customers, serve food, clear dishes and take orders.
    Prepare and conduct indoor experiences for groups.
  • Kitchen
    Preparation, cooking and serving
    Cooking and serving lunch for groups

No experience is necessary for both the kitchen and the dining hall.


Long term and short term OK (3 months or more preferred) Shifts are required.


No specific qualifications or experience required, but previous cooking experience preferred.

Working hours



Part-time job: 950-1200 yen per hour
*Varies depending on experience


  • Meal subsidy (only on working days)
  • Dormitory facilities (25,000 in summer, 35,000 in winter)
  • Uniform loaned
  • Salary increase
  • Free NAC activities (rafting, adventure park, climbing, etc.)


Akira Matsuda

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
*Please send us your resume by e-mail to facilitate the hiring process.
*There is a limit to the number of people we can hire, so please apply as soon as possible, as we will close the position once it is filled!